Due to lack of knowledge in India. People do many things that causes harm to there channel.

If we talk about some survives only 0.23% Youtubers have right knowledge about search engine optimization. 

Now a days small Youtubers do super chats in big youtubers live and ask for raid and help. And some youtubers also do random raids to support the peoples.

Is it actually help channels to grow? let’s find out.

When someone get, other big youtuber audience by super-chat, raid or by commenting in there comment section. May be you will get some audience by these activities. 

but what will happen after some day’s?

It is 100% sure that 98% of that big Youtuber audience never come back to see your videos even they are subscribed. And then Engine which is YouTube algorithm there start getting single that people are not interesting in this channel and after that YouTube stop recommending you channel and it is cause of Dead channel. 

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